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Ostby & Barton was a historic fine jewelry firm founded in 1879 by Engelhart Ostby and Nathan B. Barton. Having found renown as “the largest ring manufacturers in the world,” Ostby and Barton’s “O” and “B” hallmark with the gold purity stamp in between is one of the most well known jewelry hallmarks of the Victorian to Edwardian age. 

Unfortunately, Ostby & Barton has another claim to fame; it’s founder Engelhart Ostby died on the infamous Titanic when it hit an iceberg on April 14, 1912. Ostby’s daughter, Helene, who was traveling with him, was able to get on a lifeboat and make it to safety. She continued in the family business and Ostby & Barton continued into the 1950s. 

Ostby Barton - Jewelers of Titanic Fame
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